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Civil and Site Development

Providing a clean and safe working environment is crucial in todays' manufacturing facilities limiting costly down time for both employees and equipment. AEP owns, operates and maintains a fleet of vacuum trucks and loaders for both wet and dry materials. We offer both standard and high volume vacuum units. Our modern fleet of pumpers and sewer jetters allows us to perform quick pipe cleaning jobs. We offer a wide selection of water blasting units with plumbing pressures ranging from 5,0000 PSI to 36,000 PSI, and a flow rate of 6 gpm to 50 gpm and telescopic reactor cleaning devices which eliminate the need for confined space entry. We also offer steam cleaning and sandblasting services upon request. Give us a call let us show you what we can do for you.

Air Rotary Drilling and Well Installation
Earthen Dam Construction
Emergency Containment and Cleanup of Oil and Chemical Spills
Equipment Rental and Leasing
Fleet Maintenance
Floor Scrubber
Haul and Disposal of Flyash
Hydro-Abrasive Cutting
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Vacuum
Lagoon and Pond Cleanout and Containment
Landfill Construction